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Got some questions about dashboards? Users? White label options? and more?


Q. How can I invite users?
A. You can invite as many team members as you like to help create reports with you, there is no extra fee for this! Click on your account settings at the top right-hand corner > click on users management > invite users. 

Q. Do you have user access roles/levels:
A. At this time there are no specific roles/access levels but if you need to keep some dashboards private, you can password protect them by going into your dashboard manager home page > find your dashboard > click on the three lines to the right > click on protect with a password - follow the same steps to change or disable password protection. Additionally, dashboards shared with the URL links are accessible only in "View" mode and cannot be modified.  Each dashboard link gives access only to that one specific dashboard, but you could also create a Group of dashboards and share this group with someone, once again only in "View" mode.

Q. How can I change the main login email?
A. In this case add the new email address as a new user and delete the email that will no longer be valid. Here are the steps on how to do this: Click on your account settings at the top right-hand corner > Click users management > add a new user > log in as the new user > go back to users management > delete the old user.

Q. How can I change my login password?
A. Go to your account settings at the top right-hand corner > click on change password > enter your old password and then your new password > confirm your new password > click save. - Can't log in at all? No problem, go here to reset your password. Our password requirements are between 8 and 50 characters. We recommend that you use special characters and numbers in your password and make it easy to remember but hard to hack πŸ”’

Important: Your password should not contain special characters other than: - # ? @ ! ; : ( ) { } | " ' - = +

Q. Do you offer white label options?
A. You bet we have white label options! This will allow you to 1) set up your own custom domain name - 2) set up your own email address which will be used to send your automatic reports to your clients - and 3) remove the ''Powered by DashThis'' logo on your dashboard. The white label options are included with plans of 10 dashboards or more. 

Q. How do I see my custom domain in my dashboards?
A. When you set up your white label custom domain name in DashThis, it's normal if you go into a dashboard that you still see dashthis.com/ in the Url because you are logged in as a DashThis user. To see your domain name like your customer would: Copy one of your dashboard URLs > logout of DashThis and paste the URL into your browser. You should see your custom domain name in the URL. 

Q. Can you create my dashboards for me? 
A. With DashThis being an easy self-serve tool to use, you don't even have to contact us for dashboard creations! When you click on create dashboard, you will have multiple templates to choose from depending on the type of story you want to tell your customer.s. Choose from 42 periodic templates, 8 campaign templates, and 5 rolling templates. All you need to do is connect your sources and the data will fill in all the widgets, how easy is that?! But of course, our team is there to guide you in the process. πŸ™Œ

Q. Do you help me pick the right KPIs, metrics, and widgets?
A. Not sure which ones to pick? That's all right, we got you! Similar to our pre-designed templates, we also have a set of preset widgets that have been created by our marketing team based on the most popular ones per integration. 

Q. Can my client.s edit their dashboard.s?
A. Don't worry, your clients only have access to "View" mode, which means that you can control what you want to present.

Q. Can I have multiple integrations in the same dashboard?
A. You betcha! Add as many integrations as you need within the same dashboard there is no extra cost for this.

Q. Can I change the colours of my dashboard?
A. Great Idea! Make your reports your own or your customers' branding! We offer all of our users 12 preset templates and if you have a plan of 10 dashboards or more, you can take advantage of our custom color theme feature! 🎨

Q. How do I change the date range of my dashboard?
A. At the top of your dashboard you can change the time period based on your periodic selection (ex: month to month) - If you want to change your periodic dashboard to another period (ex: from monthly to weekly) > inside your dashboard click on the dashboard settings gear and click on clone (this can also be done from your dashboard manager page by selecting the three lines to the right and select clone). From there, you will be able to change your date period and create a new dashboard with the same structure!

Q. How do I change my data source?
A. To remove or change a source, you can go into your dashboard > click on the dashboard settings gear at the top > click on manage data sources > find the source that you want to delete. (Important: this will delete any widgets that are connected to this source and cannot be restored- we recommend that you download a pdf first so you can recreate your widgets OR you can simply create a custom template)  > Once you remove the source, you can add a new source at the same time.

Q. Can I export my dashboards in pdf format?
A. Certainly! Go inside your dashboard > click on the dashboard sharing options button at the top > click on export as PDF


Q. Is it possible to embed my dashboards in my clients portal/external tool?
A. Although DashThis doesn't officially offer any embedding feature, you can create your own iframe code very easily. Find the code on this article here: How to embed my DashThis report into an external interface?

Q. How do I send automatic reports to my client.s?
A. This is an easy one! inside your dashboard, click on the sharing options button at the top > click on share by email > choose the period you would like to send > add the email address.es. > select the frequency to make it recurring > add a note (optional) and save! You can also include a pdf attachment but your customer will automatically receive their URL to view their dashboard where they can also download a pdf if they'd like to! See, easy peasy! 😎

Q. I like the way my dashboard looks, can I save it for future dashboards?
A. Thought you’d never ask! We know that a lot of customers are creative and have certain ways they'd like to present their reports to their customers so most definitely you can save your dashboard as a future template. From inside your dashboard, click on the dashboard settings gear at the top or from your dashboard manager page by clicking on the three lines to the right and selecting save as a template.

Q. I don't see my integration in your menu, how can I integrate the data in DashThis?
A. While we want to please everyone and be up to date on today's coolest platforms, there are some integrations that we haven't connected yet. It doesn't mean that we won't and more importantly, your voice matters to us and you can send us a missing source request anytime! We have a workaround for now which is to use our CSV or Google Sheet options. Both are easy to use but it may be best to follow our instructions πŸ˜‰

Q. I am having Google Sheet errors and I don't know what to do? 
A.  It's okay, don't panic, breathe. What is the error you are seeing in the widget fix error message? 1) Make sure you have one column with dates (Important: Date ranges (i.e. 12/1/21 - 12/2/21) are not supported 2) make sure your spreadsheet is in Google and not XLS or XLSX format 3) If a column does not have a title, it will not be imported 4) if a column/row has been removed or added, you simply just need to reconnect your Google Sheet 5) Have any of your cell formats been changed recently? 6) Are all of your columns identified? Whichever the reason is, we will tell you what the problem is inside your widget so you can easily fix it - not to worry though, if you aren't sure and need help, reach out to us and we will help you. ☺️

Q. I am having CSV errors and I don't know what to do? 
A. Very similar to managing a Google Sheet error above ☝️ - except for this one you should panic... haha just kidding - verify all of the above but mainly with CSV what happens often is the date in your CSV isn't being entered correctly in DashThis ex: the date in your CSV is 01/05/2025 (January 5th, 2025) then you need to type is like mm/dd/yyyy in DashThis. Please do not add in-between dates or hours. Another common issue is uploading the file: In the CSV Files Manager, select the template you just created on the right, and then select the CSV file. Click on Resend. ** Note that if you add a new widget, you’ll have to upload the data file again by clicking resend on the file uploaded ** and lastly, weighted average results, for example: if your CTR for campaign A is 0.41% and campaign B is 0.33% then we will give a total of 0.74%., this is normal. Still not sure or your CSV is not working? No stress! reach out to us with your CSV attached and we will come to the rescue. 🚒

Q. I can't find my metric?
A. The first recommendation that we can suggest to you is to verify the specific integration's help center article, you will find a complete list of all the metrics and dimensions (with complete definitions) that we have implemented within DashThis. It's possible that there is an API limitation so don't forget to check the notes at the bottom of each article! If ever we really don't have the metric that you are looking for, you can reach out to us anytime about this or submit a missing metric request.

Q. Do you offer video calls? 
A. If you have a plan of 25 dashboards or more, we do offer video call support, training, and onboarding for any new users that join your team or who just need a little refresher! 

Q. What are your security protocols?
A. DashThis has extensive security measures in place with encrypted URLs, relink feature, and dashboard password protection. Our security efforts are outlined here: How does DashThis handle security?


Didn't find your answer on our FAQ page? Sorry about that - Reach out to us with your question.s and one of our awesome customer success team members will get back to you. Contact us πŸ€—