How to embed my DashThis report into an external interface?

Embedding your report into an external web page or an internal tool can be very useful if your DashThis reports are part of a bigger reporting picture, and you want to centralize all your insights in one place.

Although DashThis doesn't officially offer any embedding feature, you can create your own iframe code very easily.


  • Simply copy and paste this code on your external page:
<!DOCTYPE html>

<html xmlns="">


<a target="_blank" href="">See your dashboard in a new tab.</a>

<iframe height="" src="" style="border: 0px currentColor; border-image: none; width: 100%; height: 3400px;"></iframe>



  • Replace "" by the link of the dashboard you would like to display.
  • You can also change some display parameters like the border, the width, or the height.
If you would like to test your doings, you can use this link as referral: