How to create a dashboard with TikTok Ads

TikTok Ads being today's most hyped digital marketing tool for your social media advertising can now be added to your DashThis reports 🎉

1 - How to integrate TikTok Ads to DashThis
2 - List of metrics and dimensions
3 - Notes/Limitations


1- Integrate TikTok Ads to DashThis

  • Permissions: As long as you have a TikTok Ads account, no specific permissions are required to connect your account to DashThis. Should you need more information about users and permissions, please go to TikTok Ads Business Center

How to connect TikTok Ads to DashThis:

Step 1 - Go to TikTok Ads and login

Step 2 - Once connected, go back to DashThis and click on the integrations page

Step 3 - Scroll down the list of available integrations and click on ADD + beside TikTok Ads

Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 11.36.51 AM

Step 4
- Confirm access to your Ad account 

Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 3.39.50 PM

*Important: If you have an Adblocker installed on your browser, you may experience technical difficulties connecting your account. You can either disable your Adblocker on specific sites OR use an incognito window. Are you still experiencing issues with connecting your account? Please reach out to our support team for assistance.

Now you can create reports with TikTok Ads 🙌 Not sure which data to import? No problem! We created a periodic dashboard template to help you. Simply go to your Dashboard manager page and click on Create Dashboard, search through the periodic templates, and find TikTok Ads Reporting.

Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 3.46.52 PM

2- List of metrics and dimensions


Metric Name



The number of clicks on your ads.


The number of times your ad achieved an outcome, based on the secondary goal you selected. As one campaign may have a number of different secondary goals, this statistic is not supported for campaigns. Please go to ad groups or ads to view. (The total count is calculated based on the time each ad impression occurred.)

Cost per 1,000 People Reached

The average amount of money you've spent on a conversion.(The total count is calculated based on the time each ad impression occurred.)

CPA (Cost per Conversion)

The average amount of money you've spent on a conversion. Calculated as: Cost/Conversion or Install. 

CPC (Cost per Click)

The average amount of money you've spent on a click. 


The average amount of money you've spent per 1,000 impressions. 

CTR (%)

The percentage of times people saw your ad and performed a click. 

CVR (%)

The percentage of results you received out of all the clicks of your ads. (The total count is calculated based on the time each ad impression occurred.)

 The average number of times each person saw your ad. 


The number of times your ads were on screen.


The number of unique users who saw your ads at least once. This metric is estimated 

Total Cost

The estimated total amount of money you've spent on your campaign, ad group, or ad during its schedule. 

Video Views

The number of times your video starts to play. Replays will not be counted. 



Dimension Name


Ad Group

The name of the ad group

Ad Title

The title of the ad

Campaign Name

The name of the campaign

*Important: Dimension to be added soon: Ad with Image - The ad itself, as well as its image or thumbnail


3 - Notes/Limitations

  • Unfortunately, TikTok's API limits the queried period to a maximum of 365 days. Should you have data for your metric in question, please clone your dashboard and set a different period within this time range to display it. Still not seeing your data? Contact our support team to investigate.
  • Video Shopping Ads & Catalog Listing Ads (both known as Shopping Ads) are currently not available via TikTok's API. Please know that our Product team is closely monitoring the development of this feature.

Should you need any assistance with TikTok Ads, please reach out to our Support Team 🤘