How to create an Instagram Insights dashboard?

You want to create a dashboard with your Instagram Insights data? With DashThis, it’s possible!

1- Connect your account


Here are the 4 easy steps to connect your Instagram Insights account in DashThis.


Step 1: In the Integration Manager Section, find the New Instagram Insights and click on Add+A Facebook page will open (Instagram is now owned by Facebook and uses the same API, so this is normal).

Step 2: Enter your Facebook credentials and log in. Facebook will ask you to authorize to continue.


Step 3: Confirm the DashThis-Instagram Insights integration setup.

Facebook gives you the ability to choose what to allow when setting up the integration. If you choose to do so, check the boxes next to each page that you’d like to include in your DashThis account. It’s important that you select every page you’re likely to pull data from; DashThis won’t be able to access data from any page for which you don’t check this box.


Authorize access to FB Grant access to page FB


Once satisfied, click on “OK”. You’ll then be brought back to your DashThis account, and you’re ready to create Instagram Insights dashboards!




It’s important to note that Facebook’s Graph API does not authorize us to fetch data from personal accounts or Instagram accounts that aren’t linked to a Facebook page, so make sure the account you want to fetch data from is an Instagram business account linked to a Facebook page.


If you do not have a business account already, here are the steps provided by Facebook to switch to a business account.


And here’s where you need to go in order to link your Instagram account to your Facebook page:



Here are the Instagram KPIs, metrics, and dimensions available in DashThis.


2- KPIs, metrics, and dimensions


The following standard KPIs are available from the Preset Widgets drop-down menu:

  • Followers
  • Followers by Age Gender
  • Followers by Country
  • Post Count
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Impressions
  • Profile Views
  • Website Clicks
  • Engagement
  • Engagement by Post (with image)
  • Engagement Rate
  • Engagement vs. Post Count
  • Performance by Post


These are the available metrics and dimensions for your Instagram Insights reporting dashboard:



Name Description
Comments The total number of comments on your posts. Please note that this metric will not include carousel children posts, but will include replies and captions.
Engagement The total number of likes and comments on your post (photo, video, or carousel album).
Follower Engagement Rate The rate at which your followers engaged with your posts. This is calculated by adding together the total number of likes and comments and dividing the result by your number of followers.
Followers* The total number of people who follow your account.
Impressions The total number of impressions for your post (photo, video, or carousel album).
Likes The total number of people who liked your posts. Please note that this metric will not include carousel children posts.
Post Count The total number of posts published by your account during the period.
Profile Views The total number of users who have viewed your account’s profile.
Reach The total number of unique accounts that have seen your post (photo, video, or carousel album). Repeated views and views by the same user are only counted as a single view. This includes ad activity generated through the API, Facebook ads interfaces, and the Promote feature.
Video Views The total number of times your video has been seen. This will return a zero for videos in carousel albums.
Website Clicks The total number of clicks on the website link in your account’s profile.
Engagement Rate The rate at which users engaged with your posts. This is calculated by adding together the total number of likes and comments and dividing the result by the total number of post impressions.


**All of those metrics, except Likes and Comments, are available from the moment your Instagram page is considered as a business account. Therefore, your data won’t be visible before you’ve made the switch from a personal page to a business account.



Name Description
Post with Image The image of the post.
Post Type The type of post.
Post Name The caption of the post.
Hashtag The hashtag used in your posts.
Post Link The link for your post.
City The cities in which your account followers live.
Country The countries in which your account followers live.
Age Gender Your account follower’s gender and age.


3- Limitations & Notes


  • Due to Instagram’s API limitations concerning the “Followers” metric, your data history won’t be visible when you first create this widget. Instead, we will store your data over time so you can see the history as data accumulates.
  • If you add multiple Instagram widgets to your dashboard in a short period of time, you may get an error message. Don’t worry, this is only because Facebook’s Graph API has a limit of 200 calls per hour per user, for Instagram Insights. All you have to do is wait a bit and refresh! Once a period is over (e.g. a month is completed in your monthly dashboard), your data will stop being refreshed automatically. You can refresh it manually if needed, by clicking on the “refresh” button when hovering over your widget.
  • When using any of the “Post” dimensions in your widget, the results (ex. Impressions, Clicks, etc.) will show data for the posts published during the time period shown in your dashboard. On the opposite, when creating a widget without any dimension, the results will show data that happened during the time period shown in your dashboard, and for all posts on your page.
  • All data related to your IGTV posts or Reels won't be visible in your widgets because this type of media is not supported by Facebook’s Graph API for now.
  • All data related to archived posts won't be visible in your widgets.


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