How to create a dashboard with Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels KPIs

Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels allows you to analyze the path of your customers in order to understand what led them to your website and how they ended up learning about your brand.



In DashThis, you can add the Multi-Channel Funnels KPIs in your dashboard, helping to create a relationship between your website traffic and the path your customers took.

preset widgets multi-channel funnels


You’ll find the following standard KPIs available from the Preset Widgets menu:

  • Assisted Conversions by Channel
  • Assisted Conversions by Source/Medium
  • Assisted Conversion Value
  • Assisted Conversions (Goals Only)
  • Assisted Conversions (Transactions Only)
  • Assisted Conversion Value by Source/Medium
  • Organic Assisted Conversion Rate
  • Organic Assisted Conversions
  • Organic Assisted Conversion Value
  • Organic Conv. Rate (Conversions + Assisted Conversions)
  • Organic Conversions + Assisted Conversions
  • Organic + Assisted Conversions vs All + Assisted Conversions
  • Paid Assisted Conversion Rate
  • Paid Conv. Rate (Conversions + Assisted Conversions)
  • Paid Conversions + Assisted Conversions
  • Paid + Assisted Conversions vs All + Assisted Conversions
  • Paid Assisted Conversions
  • Paid Assisted Conversion Value
  • Top Conversion Paths
  • Top Conversion Paths with Organic
  • Top Conversion Paths with Paid


You can also create Custom Widgets using the following metrics and dimensions:


  • Assisted Conversions
  • Assisted Conversion Value
  • First Impression Conversions
  • First Impression Conversion Value
  • First Interaction Conversions
  • First Interaction Conversion Value
  • Impression Assisted Conversions
  • Impression Assisted Conversion Value
  • Last Interaction Conversions
  • Last Interaction Conversion Value
  • Total Conversions
  • Total Conversion Value



  • Ad Group
  • AdWords Campaign
  • AdWords Customer ID
  • Campaign
  • Campaign Path
  • Conversion Date
  • Conversion Goal Number
  • Conversion Type
  • Default Channel Grouping
  • Keyword
  • Keyword Path
  • MCF Channel Grouping Path
  • Medium
  • Medium Path
  • Path Length in Interactions
  • Source
  • Source/Medium
  • Source Path
  • Source/Medium Path
  • Time Lag in Days
  • Transaction ID


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