Bing Ads metrics and dimensions

Metric Name Description Calculations (if applicable)
Ad Clicks

The total number of clicks or other user input on any clickable element of your ad, including the ad title, display URL, or phone number.


Ad Cost In pay-per-click advertising, this is the amount an advertiser pays for the ads that were clicked.  
Ad Impressions

The number of times an ad has been displayed on search results pages on the Microsoft Search Network or on sites on the Microsoft Audience Network.


Budget Lost Impression Share Is the percentage of Search Impression Share lost out of the total eligible impressions, due to the campaign budget.  
CTR (Click-Through-Rate) The number of times an ad was clicked divided by the number of times the ad was shown (impressions) during this period. For example, if your ads had 50 clicks out of 2,348 impressions, your CTR is 2.13%  
Conversion Rate (Leads/Clicks) A desired action that a person takes as a result of clicking your ad. Conversions are most commonly defined as completing a purchase, registering for an event, making a phone call, visiting a store, and subscribing to a newsletter.  
CPC (Cost per Click) Cost per click = cost divided by the number of clicks  
Cost per Conversion The estimated cost per conversion. The formula for calculating the cost per conversion is (Cost / Conversions)  
CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions) Cost per thousand impressions, the average cost to have your ad served 1000 times  
Goal Completion Totals (Conversions) The number of conversions. A conversion is the completion of an action by a customer after viewing your ad. The action could be purchasing your product, registering for your webinar, joining an organization, or whatever you consider your goal and the best measure of the ad's success  
Impression (Absolute top) % The percentage of times your ad was in the first position of all returned ads, out of the total impressions available in your target market  
Impression (Top) % The percentage of times your ad showed in the mainline, the top placement where ads appear above the search results, out of your total impressions.  
ROAS in % (Return on Ad Spend in %) The total return on ad spend (ROAS, as a percentage) from website conversions.  
ROAS in $ (Return on Ad Spend in $) The total return on ad spend (ROAS, in currency) from website conversions.   
Revenue The revenue is optionally reported by the advertiser as a result of conversions. Corresponds to the optional revenue parameter of a Microsoft Advertising campaign analytics tracking script  
ROI (Revenue VS Cost) Return on investment is calculated by taking to the total revenue divided by the total cost  

Dimension Name Description
Ad Group The ad group name. This will be empty if "Item changed" is not Ad, Ad group, or Keyword
Ad Network The current network setting of an ad group. The possible values include AOL search, Bing and Yahoo! search, Content, and Syndicated search partners
Campaign The name of your campaign
Campaign Label The labels applied to a campaign
Device The device name attribute of a device OS target bid. The type of device which showed ads. The possible values include Computer, Smartphone, Tablet, and Unknown
Keyword The keyword text


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