SEMrush metrics and dimensions


The following KPIs (along with their API unit consumption rates) are available from the Preset Widgets drop-down menu:

  • # of Organic Keywords in Top 10 (< 100 units)
  • # of Organic Keywords in Top 100 (< 100 units)
  • # of Organic Keywords in Top 20 (< 100 units)
  • # of Organic Keywords in Top 3 (< 100 units)
  • # of Organic Keywords Tracked (< 100 units)
  • AdWords Visibility (1 200 units)
  • Organic Positions in the Google Top 10 (20 000 units)
  • Organic Positions in the Google Top 20 (20 000 units)
  • Organic Positions in the Google Top 3 (14 700 units)
  • Organic Visibility (1 300 units)
  • Top Positions Changes (10 000 units)


A single keyword query will also cost 100 units. Just so you know, the data available with the SEMrush integration is from the Position Tracking tool only. 


Metric Name Description Calculations (if applicable)
AdWords CPC The average price in U.S dollars that advertisers pay for a user's click on an ad containing a given keyword.  
AdWords Keywords The total number of Google Ads keywords tracked during the current campaign matching the selected filter.  
AdWords Visibility An index based on CTR (click-through-rate) that shows a website's progress in Google Ads' top 100 keywords from a current tracking company. A zero percent visibility means that the domain isn't ranking in Google Ads' top 100 results and a 100 percent visibility result means that the domain keeps the first position in the SERP for all of these keywords.  
Organic Change The change in position of a domain for a given keyword over the selected period. If its position improves (the domain moved closer to the first position). The increase in the number of positions will be shown in green with an arrow pointing up. If the position declines, it will be shown in red with an arrow pointing down.  
Organic Keyword The total number of organic keywords tracked during the current campaign matches the selected filter.   
Organic Position The position that the domain had with the given keyword. It's important to note that the functions will not be available with this metric.  
Organic Visibility Your website’s progress in Google’s top 100 for keywords from the current tracking campaign.  
Organic Volume The average number of times users have searched for a given keyword per month. We calculate this value over the last 12 months.  


Note: Since the “Position Change” metric shows, by definition, the fluctuations of “Organic Position”, fluctuations will not be shown in either of these metrics; in order to see “Organic Position” fluctuations, please simply use the “Position Change” metric instead. In addition, totals are only available for the “Number of AdWords Keywords” and “Number of Organic Keywords” metrics.

Dimension Name Description
Domain (including competitors) The selected domains in your campaign.
Keyword Words in your list of keywords that are tracked during the current campaign.
Landing Page URL associated with the given keyword




If you would like to request more metrics and dimensions, please reach out to our Support Team. 


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