SEMrush notes/limitations

There are some notes and limitations that are important to consider when pulling in data from the SEMrush integration.

  • A single keyword query will also cost 100 units. Just so you know, the data available with the SEMrush integration is from the Position Tracking tool only. 

  • SEMrush is a paying API based on the number of API units consumed for an account. The consumption of API units occurs as follows:
    • when you create a new dashboard with the SEMRush integration;
    • when you create or edit a SEMRush widget;
    • when you clone an existing dashboard with a SEMrush source;
    • when you open the current period of a dashboard (either in Edit or View mode) with SEMRush data. This will only be charged once a day though, and you can view a dashboard multiple times a day without additional costs*;
    • when you edit an existing dashboard’s sources to add a SEMrush source.

Completed past periods won’t be affected when you consult them because the data is already up to date. meaning DashThis is not fetching new data for those periods.

  • To help reduce costs caused by the API unit consumption, DashThis ceases the API requests after 100 results.
    • When reordering your widget's results, the sorting will be applied to those first 100 results.
  • SEMrush's data in DashThis always includes the "Local Pack" results. Make sure to enable the "Local Pack" checkbox in your SEMrush account in order to compare your data.

  • SEMrush's data in DashThis is set on "Local" volume by default.



Should you need any assistance with SEMrush, please reach out to our Support Team 🤘