LinkedIn Pages metrics and dimensions


Metric Name Description Calculation (if applicable)
Clicks The number of clicks your posts received. This includes the number of clicks on your content, company name, or logo by a (signed-in) member. It doesn't include interactions (shares, reactions, and comments)  
Comments The number of comments on your posts. You could have a negative number of comments for a day if there are more people who removed their comments than people who commented on your posts.  
Engagement The total engagement your posts received. This is the sum of the total number of clicks, likes, comments, and shares. Likes + Comments + Shares + Clicks
Engagement Rate The percentage of impressions that resulted in an engagement (number of engagements divided by the number of impressions). This could be negative if you have a negative number of likes or comments. (Clicks + Likes + Comments + Shares) / Impressions
Follower Engagement Rate The rate at which your followers engaged with your post. This is calculated by adding together the total number of Clicks, Likes, Comments, and Shares, and dividing the result by your number of Followers. (Clicks + Likes + Comments + Shares) / Followers
Followers Count The total number of followers of your LinkedIn Page.  
Impressions The number of times people saw your posts.  
Likes* The number of likes your posts received. You could have a negative number of likes for a day if there are more people who removed their likes than people who liked your posts.  
Shares* The number of times your posts were shared.  



  • Metrics with a * can sometimes be negative due to "Unlikes" or "Unshares". As LinkedIn's API explains, it happens "when members who liked/shared a sponsored [post] later unlike/unshare it. The like/share is not counted since it is not organic, but the unlike/unshare is counted as organic."

  • Widgets with metric-only data results (for example a clicks historic widget): Only values with the desired period will be displayed.

    Widgets with a metric by dimension (for example clicks + post with image) data results: We will look for the total clicks per total post for this period and then combine them. This means that the total results may be different between both widgets.

    Screenshot 2023-03-17 at 1.41.51 PM



Dimension Name Description
Post with image The post name and image. Note: Video posts are now supported in DashThis! 🌠



If you would like to request more metrics and dimensions, please reach out to our Support Team. 


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