How to see my call tracking conversions from Google Ads?

Call tracking are one of the most used KPIs in Google Ads reports, especially by local businesses who want to track their customers across multiple channels.

It all starts with the click type. A Google Ads ad can have different click types:

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Driving direction
  • Get location details
  • Headline
  • Manually dialed phone calls
  • Mobile phone calls
  • Offer
  • Phone calls
  • Print offer
  • Product plusbox offer
  • Sitelink

As you can see, you have mobile phone calls, manually dialed phone calls and phone calls, which are related to call tracking data.

All those click types can be retrieved in a Google Ads dashboard in DashThis through the filtering options:

  1. Create a widget using the Custom Widgets panel.
  2. Select the conversion metric you want to track.
  3. Filter your widget by Click Type and select Phone calls for example.

phone calls

That’s it! You get a nice widget to display your conversions from Google Ads call tracking.




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