How to see my custom domain in my dashboards?

In order to see your custom URL like your clients do when consulting your dashboards, you can add a bookmarklet to convert the URL.

This is also very useful when you want to manually send emails to your clients and insert the link to your dashboard in this email.

  1. In Chrome or Firefox, create a bookmark in your toolbar.
  2. Name it the way you’d like (e.g., “Convert Report URL”)
  3. Add this URL as the target by replacing the XXXXXX.XXXXX part by your custom URL.
javascript:(function(){var url=window.location.href;stringUrl=String(url);stringUrl=stringUrl.replace(/, “”);document.location=stringUrl;})()
Once set up, when you’re in a dashboard, simply click on this bookmarklet to automatically convert the URL!

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