How to compare my Facebook Insights results in DashThis

Data showed in your DashThis widgets can sometimes look different than what you see in your Facebook account due to some particularities in the API.


1 - API particularities

2 - Data Comparison


1 - API particularities

Here are the technicalities you need to keep in mind when comparing your data between DashThis and your Facebook account.


Page VS Posts data

The metrics in Posts, Post, and Post video will showcase data only from posts published during the selected time period. For example, if you search for Posts Likes in April, you will have all the Likes on the posts you published in April. If more likes occurred in May for those same April posts, the new data will be included in the KPI.

However, Page, Page video, Reactions, and Check-ins metrics will showcase the data for all events that occurred during the selected time period, no matter when the post was published. For example, if you look at Page Impressions for April, you would see all the Impressions that occurred in April, even Impressions of pages created prior to the month of April.


“Reach” metric timeframes

Facebook doesn’t allow the exportation of your Reach Metrics within a personalized time frame. Facebook only allows the fetching of data for the last day, last week, or the last 28 days. This is why DashThis metrics are: Daily Total Page Reach, Weekly Total Page Reach, and 28 Days Total Page Reach.

We recommend using the 28 Days Total Page Reach for monthly dashboards, Weekly Total Page Reach for weekly, and the Daily Page Reach for daily dashboards.


2 - Data Comparison


There are multiple ways to ensure your data is up-to-date in your DashThis reports. Here are a few examples.


Comparing Facebook data export

Under your Page Insights, you have the ability to export your data in a spreadsheet file, which will allow you to clearly compare your data on a similar basis with DashThis.

This export is supposed to match exactly with what Facebook's API is sending to DashThis. Therefore, this is the best way to compare your data in the right way.



Make sure to select the right period when exporting your data, matching the period in your DashThis report.


You can also customize your export by clicking on "Make new custom layout". You'll have the ability to select the exact right KPIs you want to look at.


Compare with your Facebook posts

Facebook’s API only gives access to the data as it is displayed under your post, not the data displayed in the Performance for Your Post section, as seen below.



The data in your dashboard does not take into consideration the replies of comments, only the comments themselves.
For example, if your post gets 3 comments with 2 replies to those comments, your dashboard will show 3 comments, not 5.

In addition, the data displayed in your dashboard relates to the post itself, not its shares.
For example, if your post got 45 likes directly on your page, but 10 likes from its shares, your dashboard will only show the 45 likes on the original post, not the total 55.



Should you have any questions regarding comparing your Facebook data, please reach out to our Support Team 🤘

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