How to create a dashboard with Marchex?

Marchex is a call tracking service. You can add the data from Marchex to your DashThis dashboards.


  1. Connect your account
  2. KPIs, metrics, and dimensions


1 – Connect your account


Connecting Marchex to DashThis requires only two easy steps!


  1. In the Integration Manager, choose Marchex and click on Add.

  2. Enter your Marchex account credentials and click on Add.


Your account now appears under the section Integrations in use.


This is it! You can now add your Marchex data to your dashboards!


2 – KPIs, metrics, and dimensions


The following preset widgets are available:

  • Number of calls
  • Average call duration
  • Call by status
  • Calls by campaign
  • Calls by group


The following metrics and dimensions are available:


  • Average Call Duration
  • Number of Calls
  • Unique Number of Calls



  • Ad Group
  • Caller
  • Call Status
  • Campaign


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