How to connect with WebCEO

WebCEO is an SEO & marketing tool that accommodates small businesses' and agencies’ needs and helps you manage campaigns!


Integrate WebCEO into DashThis:


Permissions: As long as you are the account owner and have an Agency Unlimited plan, you will be able to create an API key and connect your data to DahsThis.

For more information on WebCEO's subscriptions, please visit their pricing page or connect directly to their API access page.

Step 1 - Get the API Key

  • API Access page in your WebCEO account. (My Account > API).
  • Copy your API key

Step 2 - Add the integration to DashThis.

  • In the integration manager page, scroll down the list of available integrations and click ADD + beside WebCEO

    Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 2.55.56 PM

  • Enter your account name and API Key

    Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 3.00.51 PM

  • Click ADD


Should you need any assistance with WebCEO, please reach out to our Support Team 🤘

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