WebCEO notes/limitations


By default, our API uses the same data as the one set up in your WebCEO account. You can make changes to the geographic data by going to your WebCEO settings.  Select the data you need, and the changes will apply to your dashboards.


In your WebCEO account, you can also change the scan scheduling date for the keyword crawling which is by default set to run on a weekly basis. However, when changing this setting, keep in mind that it will impact the data displayed in your dashboards. For example, if you choose to run this report scheduling once a month, and you have weekly reports in your DashThis account, 3 weeks out of 4, your widgets will show no data since the scan scheduling would have been run during only 1 of the 4 weeks.


Should you need any assistance with WebCEO, please reach out to our Support Team 🤘