How to have your own URL for your dashboard?

DashThis offers a customized white label solution, allowing you to not only change the URL but also to make the DashThis brand disappear.

When subscribing for this option, you benefit from multiple changes:

  • You can replace our standard URL ( with one branded to your company (
  • The “Powered by DashThis” logo is removed from your dashboards’ footer and from PDF files.
  • If you share your dashboards via email with your clients, you can replace the sender’s email by any custom email address.

The personalized URL doesn’t appear in the dashboard manager of your account, but it will automatically be applied when you send an email notification from one of your dashboards, or if one of your clients opens a dashboard.

If you prefer to manually send emails to your clients, don’t worry, we got your back covered! Learn more on how to use a bookmarklet. The choice is yours!

As far as security is concerned, we have an SSL certificate to secure and encrypt communications, even with your custom URL. We take care of pretty much everything!

The fee for this service? 595$ per year!

Visit our website to get more information on our white label solution!


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