Campaign Monitor metrics and dimensions


Metric name Description Calculations (if applicable)
Bounces The total number of emails bounced  
Bounce Rate The percentage of email addresses that your campaign could not be delivered to Total bounced/Total sent
Emails Sent The total number of emails sent  
Forwards* Total number of Forwards  
Likes* Total number of Likes  
List Member Count (Fans)* Total number of Fans  
New Subscribers this month Total number of new subscribers this month  
Mentions Count* Total number of Mentions  
Spam Complaints* Total number of Spam Complaints  
Total Opened The total number of emails opens per campaign  
Unique Open Rate Unique opens/Total delivered Unique opens/Total delivered
Unique Opens The total unique opens for all emails  
Unopens* The total number of emails that have not been opened yet  
Users Who Clicked (Clicks) Total number of user clicks  
Users Who Clicked Rate (Clicks/Opens)  Total number of user clicks/opens clicks/opens
Users Who Clicked Rate (Clicks/Recipients) Total number of user clicks/recipients clicks/recipients
Unsubscribed Subscribers who were sent an email then unsubscribed / Subscribers who were sent an email (over a 90-day rolling timeframe)
Important: there is no historical data available for this metric
Unsubscribed / Subscribers who were sent an email


Important: Metric names with a * will need to be reviewed as Campaign Monitor updates its platform and list of metrics along the way.


Dimension Name Description
Campaign The name of your campaign
Mailing List The name of your subscriber list (more on how to create a mailing list HERE)
Popular Links (can be queried only with the Users Who Clicked metric) Most Popular Links that appear in the content section of your insights (more on this HERE)


If you would like to request more metrics and dimensions, please reach out to our Support Team.