CallRail metrics and dimensions


Metric Name


Calculations (if applicable)

Total Calls

The total number of inbound and outbound calls associated with your company.


Unique Callers

The number of unique people who have made a call to your company.


Qualified Calls

The total number of incoming calls that have been scored as qualified leads.


Answered Calls

The number of calls answered by a person or an automated system in which the customer didn't leave a voicemail.


Missed Calls

The number of calls left unanswered, or for which CallRail automatically detected a voicemail.


Average Duration

The average amount of time spent on answered calls, whether inbound or outbound.



Dimension Name


Call Log

The unique call, along with the date, the tracking number of your company, the caller name and number, and a link to the recording of the call.

Tracking Number

The tracking number used by the caller to reach your business, along with its name.


The marketing sources that brought calls to your business.


The city in which the callers live.


The country in which the callers live.


The label of the tag applied on each call.


The company receiving the calls.


If you would like to request more metrics and dimensions, please reach out to our Support Team. 


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