LinkedIn Ads metrics and dimensions


Metric Name Description Calculation (if applicable)
Action Clicks The count of clicks on the action button of the Sponsored Messaging ad.  
Average CPC The total you spent on your ads divided by the total clicks on your website. Total spent / Total clicks
Average CPM The total you spent on your ad per 1,000 impressions.  
Average CTR This percentage shows how often people visit your website because they saw your ad.  
Average Frequency The average number of impressions shown to each member account that received at least one impression. This metric is estimated, not exact. Impressions / Reach
Average Engagements This is how often people engaged with your ad (both paid and free clicks divided by the total number of impressions).

Clicks / Total impressions

Clicks The number of clicks on your ad. This includes clicks on the ad content and your company name and logo but excludes some social actions such as likes, comments, and shares.  
Comments  The number of comments you have received.  
Conversion Rate The percentage of conversions relative to clicks. Total conversions / Clicks
Conversions The total number of times people took a desired action after clicking or seeing your ad.  
Cost per 1000 people reached The total spent on your ads, divided by every 1,000 member accounts reached. This metric is estimated, not exact. Spend / every 1000 accounts reached
Cost per Conversion The average amount you spent on each conversion Total spent / Conversions
Cost per lead The average cost of each lead you acquired. Total spent / Total leads
Follow The number of additional followers to your LinkedIn Page.  
Impressions The number of times people saw your ad.  
Lead Form Opens The number of times a view opened the form to enter information.  
Lead Mail Clicks The count of Sponsored Messaging ad recipients who clicked to demonstrate interest.  
Lead Mail Contacts The number of times users shared contact info through the One Click Lead Gen for Sponsored Messaging ads.  
Leads The number of leads collected through a campaign.  
Likes The number of likes your ads received.  
Opens The count of opens of Sponsored Messaging ads.  
Other Clicks Other engagements with your ad, like expanding your update to view all social gestures.  
Post Click Conversions The percentage of clicks on your ads that led to a conversion.  
Reach The estimated number of unique member accounts with at least one impression. Some offsite traffic is excluded from this metric, so it may be underestimated for campaigns running on the LinkedIn Audience Network. This metric is only available when the number of days in the date range is less than or equal to 92 days.  
ROAS (%) The percentage of revenue generated for every dollar spent. Total conversion value/spend
Sends The count of sends of Sponsored Messaging ads.  
Shares The number of times your ads were shared.  
Total Conversion Value This is the total dollar value of all conversions. Value can be defined when creating conversions, which is how much you consider each conversion that is worth to you. Value per conversion x Conversions
Total Engagements The total number of social clicks with the total number of paid clicks your ad received.  
Total Social Actions This number shows how much social engagement your ad received in total.  
Total Spent This is the total amount you spent on clicks and impressions for your ad.  
View Through Conversions These are impressions of your ad.s. that led to a conversion.  


    Dimension Name


    Ad Creative The introductory text of the ad.
    Ad ID The unique ID of the ad.
    Ad with Image The ad name and its image.
    Campaign The name of the campaign.
    Campaign Type The ad format that has been predefined by the campaign objective. (ex: sponsored content, sponsored InMail, etc.)
    Company Size The company size by those who have seen your ads.
    Conversion Name The name of the conversion.
    Conversion Type The type of the conversion.
    Industry* The industry sector by those who have seen your ads.
    Job Title* The job position occupied by those who have seen your ads.

    *When creating a widget with one of the two dimensions: 'Industry' or 'Job Title', it's only possible to filter this widget with the same dimension. Attempting to use a filter with another dimension will result in an error message.

    If you would like to request more metrics and dimensions, please reach out to our Support Team. 


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