Klaviyo notes/limitations


  1. Customers do not need to be subscribed to your newsletter list in order to trigger Checkout Started event in Klaviyo. + While Shopify tracks Abandoned Checkout events, Klaviyo tracks Checkout Started events. This is because Checkout Started necessarily captures an email address that Klaviyo uses for sending abandoned cart emails. 


  2. Some dimensions have API restrictions which means that Klaviyo will only allow for some metrics and dimensions to be created within the same widget, please see the list below to know which ones are compatible:
    1. Campaign Name and Email Subject: only available with ''email'' metrics.
    2. Client Name, Client OS and Client Type: Only available with Clicked Email, Clicked SMS, and Opened Email.
    3. Email Domain: Available with all metrics except for Clicked SMS and Received SMS
    4. Flow: Available with all metrics except for Unsubscribed From List.
    5. From Number, From Phone Region, To Number, and To Phone Region: only available with “SMS” metrics.
    6. List: Only available with the ''Unsubscribed From List'' metric.
    7. Message Body: Only available with metrics for Sent SMS, Unsubscribed From SMS, and Consented To Receive SMS.
    8. Message Format and Message Name: Only available with Received SMS, Clicked SMS, and Failed To Deliver SMS metrics.
    9. Message Type: Only available with Sent SMS, Received SMS, Clicked SMS, and Failed To Deliver SMS metrics.
    10. URL: Only available with “clicked” metrics.
  3. You may experience some discrepancies between DashThis and your Klaviyo performance reports. 
    1. In Klaviyo performance reports, the date range represents when the campaign or flow message was sent. Opens, clicks, revenue, orders, etc. will be associated with the message, no matter when they happen.  
      1. For example, if the date range was Jan 1st - Jan 31st, a campaign was sent on Jan 30th, and there were clicks that happened in February, those clicks would still be counted in the report.
    2. Klaviyo exposes data differently for third parties reporting tools like DashThis.
      1. It is important to note that the data included in the date range in DashThis are based on the time the event occurred, not the send date of the campaign or flow. For this reason, comparing your DashThis report's data with send performance in-app may result in different results. Klaviyo performance reports are calculated based on send date.

        1. For example, if you are querying for conversions using this endpoint and have the timeframe set between 2022-12-01 and 2022-12-31, an email sent on 2022-11-28 may be included in the results if it can be attributed to a conversion.

  4. When a component of a dimension is returned to us as empty and/or unresolvable by the Klaviyo API, all results will be grouped under the label <Not Tracked By Klaviyo>.

    If needed, it's possible to apply a filter on the widget to exclude this entry from the displayed results.

Should you need any assistance with Klaviyo, please reach out to our Support Team 🤘