How to use widget bundles

To help our customers quickly add GA4 data to their reports, we created a new feature that allows you to add multiple widgets at once 🤩


At this time, the widget bundle feature is only available with Google Analytics 4. If you want to see this feature available with other integrations, let us know here.


In order to use the widget bundle, please make sure to have a GA4 source connected to your dashboard. 


1 - When creating a new dashboard, choose Google Analytics 4 and connect your source

2 - If your dashboard is already created, go to your dashboard settings (the mechanical gear top right-hand corner) - click on Manage data source - Add Google Analytics 4 and connect your source



Now that you have a GA4 source connected to your dashboard, it's time to try out the new widget bundle feature.

  • In the widget menu, click on Widget Bundle

Screenshot 2023-05-03 at 9.55.56 AM

  • Click on the Google Analytics 4 integration
  • Click on your source and next
  • Choose one (or more) of the 8 categories 
    • To see which metrics are included in the bundle before creating it, click on the side arrow to see the list of metrics.

      Screenshot 2023-05-03 at 9.59.17 AM
    • In the drop-down list, you will see the widget graph type icon and the metric

      Screenshot 2023-05-03 at 10.00.05 AM
  • Click on ADD 

Important: At this time is it not possible to custom-select individual metrics from categories to combine them into new bundles. If this is a feature you would like to see, please submit a feature request to our Support Team



There are a total of 8 widget bundle categories:

  1. Advertising (7 metrics)
    1. Impressions
    2. Cost Per Conversion
    3. Conversions
    4. Cost Per Click
    5. Clicks
    6. Ad Cost 
    7. Campaigns

  2. Conversions (3 metrics)
    1. Total Conversions
    2. Conversion Rate
    3. Conversions by Events

  3. Ecommerce Revenue (4 metrics)
    1. Purchase Revenue
    2. Average Purchase Revenue
    3. Transactions
    4. Cart-to-View Rate

  4. Ecommerce Transactions (7 metrics)
    1. Add to Carts
    2. Cart-To-View Rate
    3. Checkouts
    4. Purchases
    5. Purchases-To-View Rate
    6. Transactions
    7. Transactions and Sessions

  5. Event (5 metrics)
    1. Conversions
    2. Event Value
    3. Event Count
    4. Event Count per User
    5. Events per Sessions

  6. SEO (7 metrics)
    1. Sessions from Organic
    2. Bounce Rate
    3. Visit Trends by Medium
    4. Average Engagement time per session
    5. Views per Session
    6. Top Traffic Sources
    7. Conversions from Organic

  7. Website Engagement (8 metrics)
    2. Views per Session
    3. Sessions
    4. Conversions by Medium
    5. Event Count
    6. Top Converting Pages
    7. Top Converting Campaigns

  8. Website Traffic Overview (9 metrics)
    1. Sessions
    2. New Users
    3. Total Users
    5. Engaged Sessions
    6. Views per Session
    7. Bounce Rate
    8. Visit Trends by Medium
    9. Top Traffic Sources



Should you need assistance with the widget bundle feature, please reach out to our Support Team 😎