How to show my Instagram Stories results in DashThis?

Adding your Instagram Stories' results to your report can be very useful to show the viral impact and the influence of an Instagram account.

Unfortunately, Instagram Stories' data isn't yet available in DashThis. 

Due to Instagram's API (aka Facebook's API) limitations, several restrictions are applied making the whole process of retrieving Stories data much more difficult than any other data.


  • Since Instagram Stories are only visible for 24 hours in your account, the corresponding data in the API can only be retrieved during the 24-hours lifetime of the story.
    However, DashThis doesn't necessarily know when exactly your story has expired in order to retrieve the most recent data, and to show accurate results in your report.
  • Also, based on previous tests that our developers have made, Instagram's API isn't always able to pull the Stories' visuals properly. They sometimes appear blank which is very limiting since Instagram stories are based on images.


For those reasons, we have decided to not integrate the Stories KPIs into DashThis for now in order to avoid providing our customers with features that are not meeting our standards and can create frustration to our users.