How to include latent conversions data in my dashboard?

Some integrations’ data contain “latent conversions”. This is the case for paid advertising platforms (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Bing Ads, etc.), but also sometimes for social media platforms (Facebook Insights, Instagram Insights, etc.

These latent conversions are related to your conversion window, which is the period of time between when a customer clicks on your ad/post and when (s)he is actually converting.


Here is a small example to clear things up:

Let’s say your conversion window is 40 days, meaning that it takes, on average, 40 days for a customer to make a purchase after clicking on your ad. However, you are used to report on a monthly basis in DashThis, meaning that your dashboards are set on a 30-day period.
After the period of your dashboard is finished, it is still possible that you receive new conversions coming from impressions that occurred during this period. Therefore, those conversions should be included in it, instead of being included in the next 30-day period.


In order to take this particularity into account, when consulting your last completed period in your dashboard, we recommend you to manually refresh the affected widgets to update the data.
However, in the case of the Google Ads’ integration, DashThis automatically refreshes your data of the last completed period when opening your dashboard.


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