How to get historical data for my "Followers" KPIs?

Some integrations don't give historical data for Followers KPIs due to limitations in the third-party APIs.

By importing data from third-party APIs, DashThis is dependant on the limitations in each integration.
Instagram Insights and LinkedIn Pages are both integrations that are not allowing to pull historical data for the metric "Followers" specifically.

This means that when creating the first "Followers" KPI in your dashboard for a particular Instagram or LinkedIn page, you only have access to the current data.

However, DashThis stores your data overtime so that your historical data cumulates and helps you visualize a beautiful trend.


  • You can see your data by going into the current period of your dashboard.

  • A yellow banner is there the first time to explain the limitation.

    You can close it at anytime. Afterwards, you will be able to retrieve this information by going into the "Note" panel of your widget.

  • This same yellow banner will be prompted every time you create a "Followers" widget with a new Instagram or LinkedIn data source.