How to create automated reports for DoubleClick for Publisher (Now Google Ad Manager)

Even though the integration is not available yet in DashThis, you can still use DashThis’s CSV file uploader feature in order to display you DFP data in your dashboards.


*Please note that Google has brought DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) and DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) together under a single brand: Google Ad Manager. Just the name changed, the process is still the same.


DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) is very popular among large publishers such as media groups.

Even though the integration is not available yet in DashThis, possible, you can still use DashThis’s CSV file uploader feature in order to display you DFP data in your dashboards.

How to integrate DoubleClick for Publishers Report into DashThis?


Step 1: Create the required DFP report

First off, you must create a DFP report. More information on this here.

Step 2: Create the CSV file template in DashThis

Then, create a CSV file template for this report as explained here.

Step 3: Make the process automatic

Finally, to get this fully automated, schedule an execution of this report periodically. This feature will send your DFP data automatically without you having to upload your data manually each month.

Go in the CSV Files Manager of your account and click on the “Send by mail” button after opening your CSV Template folder.

CSV Template opened

Send by mail CSV


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