How to connect your META work account to DashThis


As some of you may have recently heard, META is introducing a new type of account which is known as ‘’work accounts’’. This account is designed to separate personal and business access meaning that you will no longer need to log in from your personal Facebook account to access your data. The switch needs to be done by an admin of your Business Manager who shall send you an invitation to a work account. 

If you choose to accept and create your work account, you will need to take action in DashThis as well but don’t worry, you’ll only need to reconnect your account which is pretty easy to do 🙂


Please note that META business accounts concern the following integrations in DashThis:

  • Facebook Insights
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Insights
  • Instagram Ads


If you currently have no META integrations mentioned above connected to your dashboards, you can immediately connect your work account via the Integrations Manager as a new integration. Click on ADD+ beside the integration's name, for example, Facebook, and enter your new work account credentials.


If you already have dashboards created with these integrations, you must reconnect with your new credentials. There are 3 places in DashThis where you can reconnect your work account:


1. Via the Integrations Manager - All you need to do is search for your connected META integrations mentioned in the note list above and click on the reconnect icon and enter your new work account credentials.


2. In your dashboards that contain a connected META integration, you may see widgets in error because they are still connected on your personal login. Click on ''fix error'' and reconnect with your new work account credentials.


3. Lastly, by clicking on the dashboard settings gear at the top right-hand corner and clicking on fix dashboard errors 


Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 3.16.55 PM



Should you need any assistance with connecting a META work account, please reach out to our Support Team