How does DashThis' Partner Program work?

With the Partner Program, agencies can get DashThis for free, as well as access to an exclusive client management tool, and earn a 20% recurring referral commission.

If you want the basic gist as to how our Partner Program works, check out our page here.

Here are some more details about the program:

What is the Partner Program?

Much like Google Ads, with the DashThis Partner Program, your clients own and pay for their DashThis accounts while you get an exclusive partner platform to easily manage all their reports. 

You have access to all your clients' DashThis accounts without any fees, (which means, you get DashThis for free!) and on top of that, we give you a 20% recurring referral commission applicable to each of your client’s total spend with us. 

This is the perfect way to not only get all your automated reports for free, but earn new recurring revenue, and have a time-saving platform to manage all your clients’ reports. 

Who is the Partner Program for?

The Partner Program was created for agencies with at least 3 clients willing to onboard the program. However, the more clients you have, the more rewarding it is for your business. 

If you’re not an agency, don’t want to manage your client’s DashThis accounts, are looking to promote DashThis at large through a referral link, or if you have less than 3 clients you'd like to refer; You’re looking for our Affiliate program!

How to get started?

It’s quite simple. 

1- First, let your account manager know that you would like to get into our Partner Program. (or book a call here)

2- One of our representatives will get on a quick 1-on-1 call with you to make sure your company is a great fit for the program.

3- If you are a great fit, your account manager will then schedule another call to explain the partner program more in detail and get you started. 

4- Your Account Manager will send you a document to fill with all the needed information to add your clients to your account, and you’re good to go!

How much will my commission be?

The amount of commission you get depends entirely on the type of plan the customer you onboard signs up for, as well as the number of clients you have. 

Take a look at the table below for details:

Client’s Monthly Plan

Your Commission

3 dashboards: $39/mo

$7,80 per month, per client

10 dashboards: $129/mo

$25,80 per month, per client

25 dashboards: $249/mo

$49,80 per month, per client

50 dashboards: $399/mo

$79,80 per month, per client

100 dashboard: $599/mo

$199,80 per month, per client

There are no limits to the number of people you can onboard in your account, you and your clients can choose the best plan that will fit their needs depending on their required number of dashboards. 

The payment for your commission is made through Paypal, on the 15th of each month, with a minimum threshold of $150.

Are there other benefits to get into the Partner Program?


Direct client contact through the app

The exclusive managing tool for partners offers a direct contact tool between you and your clients so that if they have reporting inquiries, they can ask you directly through DashThis! For example, if they are looking at their reports and have a question about something, they can click on your logo or face, directly on top of their screen, and send you a direct email or phone call depending on the contact information you decide to add.


Unlimited everything

There are no limits to the number of users from your agency you can add to your account, clients you can add, or even sources. Which means unlimited commissions, too!


Custom onboarding

Once you sign up as a partner, your Account Manager will offer you and your employees custom onboarding sessions so that you can master the tool in no time. 



As a partner, your success is our success, so we will be glad to collaborate with you on various co-marketing and content opportunities. Just let your account manager know and we’ll put you in contact with our marketing team. 


Private training

Need more information? Our Account Managers will be glad to offer exclusive training and documentation to help you become a true DashThis expert. 

What are the benefits for my clients?

As an agency, the benefits for your business are very clear, (no reporting fees, 20% commission, new client management platform, etc.) however you might be wondering what the benefits would be for your clients to onboard the Partner Program with you. Here are some of them:


Your clients get their own dashboards

Your clients will have the option of creating and editing their very own DashThis dashboards to track their internal data. For example, if they choose a plan with 3 dashboards, but you only need to manage 2, they can keep the third one for their own internal data.


They get more for their money

Since you're saving hours of work using DashThis, this leaves more time for your client's campaigns and strategies. So they get more bang for their buck! 


They get direct contact with you

Your clients get direct contact with you through the app so that they can easily send you their questions or inquiries while consulting their dashboards. 


They get to keep their own historical data

If clients leave your agency, they don't have to leave their dashboards and historical data behind! Since the DashThis account is theirs, their historical data is as well. 

Want to know if the Partner Program is for you? Discuss with one of our account managers.

If you have any questions about the Partner Program, you can contact us at