Google My Business notes/limitations


  • Due to Google My Business’s API limitations, new widgets can only show up to 18 months of historical data. However, we store data as soon as a new widget is created, so we’ll be able to display historical data as far back as when the widget was first created in DashThis, even if this goes back further than 18 months.

  • Google My Business’s Interface displays the last 28 days of data when choosing 1 month, however, DashThis shows a fixed period of 30 or 31 days of data for a complete month, which may result in a slight difference in the data displayed in your widgets compared to what you see in your GMB account.

  • Please note that there can be up to 5 days of latency in Google My Business’s data, to address this possible latency, we refresh completed periods for up to 5 days after the period ended.

  • To make sure you see your Google My Business listings in DashThis, please make sure all your GMB listings are verified by Google.

  • You can track all your Google My Business listings in one widget via the dimension “Location.”

  • A preset template dashboard for multiple location listings is available: Google My Business Multiple Locations Report.


Should you need any assistance with Google My Business, please reach out to our Support Team 🤘