How to customize the styling of my content in the comment box?

On top of all the basic styling available in the comment box editor in your dashboard, you can go further and play with the source code in order to access more styling options.



You can’t add HTML in a comment box, but you can add BBCode, which is a close relative to HTML.

Why BBCode and not HTML? For security reasons. Using BBCode prevents unwanted code injections that could potentially be harmful and disrupt the page’s layout.


The language is similar, you just need to use the syntax [h1] instead of <h1>.



This is the basic code we support:

Line Break [br]textsample[/br]
Bold [b]textsample[/b]
Italic [i]textsample[/i]
Header 1 [h1]textsample[/h1]
Bulleted List (Unordered List) [ul]textsample[/ul]
Ordered List [ol]textsample[/ol]
List Element [li]textsample[/li]
Embed image [img][/img]

Include Table like this one:

Name Age
John  65
Maria 49
Laura 57




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