How to create an executive dashboard with Google Analytics?

A Business Executive Report is probably one of the most essential reports you’ll have to build since it is targeted to your management. And executives only want to know the important facts.

Busines executive report


1- Use a Preset Template


The faster way to create an executive report containing your Google Analytics data would be to use our Business Executive Report template.

We work hard to provide you with preset templates that contain all the necessary KPIs you want to show your clients or bosses. The Business Executive Report include the key information that senior management will want to know (Total Cost, Revenue, Conversions and ROI).

You can also easily use this template to create annual reports using the annual report template and generate concise reports for business plans.


To start using this template, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new dashboard in your DashThis account.
  2. Choose the Business Executive Report template in the list.
  3. Enter your dashboard preferences and add your Google Analytics data source(s).

And you’re done!

Even after creation, you can still edit the widgets contained in this dashboard if you want to make modifications to some KPIs.


2- Create your own custom report


Maybe the Business Executive Report template in itself is not what you are looking for?

Then, we recommend you to create your own custom dashboard and choose each KPI you want to include in it.

  1. Create a new dashboard in your DashThis account.
  2. Select the Blank option in the list.
  3. Enter your dashboard preferences and add the data source(s) you want to include in your dashboard.
  4. Once done, create your widgets containing the right KPIs. In order to help you determine which KPIs would be best to add in your dashboard, here is some advice.

And you’re done!



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