How to see Avanser call tracking data in a Google Analytics dashboard?

Avanser is a great Australian call tracking system. Adding call tracking data to a dashboard can be really useful, and it can be done through your Google Analytics data.



Avanser connects data to Google Analytics directly using Events. Since the tough part of the job is already done, it’s really simple to hook Avanser call data into your DashThis dashboard.

In essence, there are two types of information you can get from Avanser Google Analytics events:


#1 Call source:

Avanser uses the Event Action element to insert the AdSource name for each specific call. Thus, to get a list of call sources in your dashboard you would simply do this:

Metric: ga:totalEvents
Dimension: ga:eventAction
Filter: ga:eventCategory=@AVANSER


#2 Call status:

Avanser uses the Event Label element to insert the status for each specific call. Those values can be AnsweredUnanswered or Abandoned. If you want a pie chart showing calls by status, then you’d do this:

Metric: ga:totalEvents
Dimension: ga:eventLabel
Filter: ga:eventCategory=@AVANSER


What about having a simple number widget to show all answered calls?

Simple, you’d use this:

Metric: ga:totalEvents
Filter: ga:eventCategory=@AVANSER;ga:eventLabel==Answered

As you can see, it’s really easy and straight forward to integrate Avanser call tracking data into your dashboard thanks to its Google Analytics integration.

One little point though: unfortunately, we can’t get the Average Call Duration from events.


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