How to connect data sources?

Data is the foundation of every single one of your dashboards. In order to import this information into our system, you first need to connect your data sources.


  1. Definitions
  2. Connect the integration
  3. Add the data sources

1 – Definitions

Before we go into the app, here are a few terms you’ll find and what they mean:


Integration: An integration is a software, a platform, or an application that provides you with data.  For example, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and Ahrefs are some of our integrations. Have a look at our website to see all the integrations we offer!


Authorization: An authorization is your account for a particular integration. It generally requires your credentials (email, ID, password, etc.), in order for DashThis to import the data. For example, our Google AdWords and Google Analytics integrations will ask for your Google Account credentials, Facebook Ads and Facebook Insights will ask for your Facebook Account credentials, and Moz will ask for your Moz Access ID.


Data source: The data source is the tiniest piece of information we’re able to access once you’ve connected an integration to DashThis. The data source allows us to get those big numbers to show in your widgets.  You can connect multiple data sources in the same dashboard; however, depending on the integration you use, data sources will have different names, such as “accounts”, “views”, “pages”, or “websites”. 


To help you find your way around, here’s a list of all our integrations and the term used to describe their data sources.

Data Source Name
AdForm Data Source
ahrefs Data Source
Bing Ads Account
Brightcove Data Source
CallRail Company
Campaign Monitor Data Source
ClickMeter Data Source
ComScore Data Source
DoubleClick Campaign Manager Account
DoubleClick Search Account
Facebook Ads Ad Account
Facebook Insights Page
FormStack Data Source
GinzaMetrics Data Source
Google Adwords Account
Google Analytics View
Google Search Console Website
Google+ Account
Instagram Account
Instagram Ads Ad Account
KeyMetric Data Source
LinkedIn Ads Account
LinkedIn Pages Page
MailChimp Account
Majestic SEO Data Source
Marchex Data Source
MOZ Data Source
Perfect Audience Data Source
Searchmetrics Project
SEMrush Project
Twitter Account
Web CEO Data Source
Youtube Account


2 – Connect the integration

It’s now time to import your data!

Watch this short video to learn how to connect your integrations:



When you’re connected to your DashThis account, visit the Integration Manager by clicking Integrations in the left menu.




Under the section Available integrations, choose the integration you want to connect and click Add.



Depending on the integration, you’ll either

  1. be redirected to the integration site, where you can connect your account as usual.
  2. see a panel on the right side of the screen, where you can enter the required information.


For some integrations, such as Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Instagram, and Marchex, the process ends here: the integration automatically adds the data sources related to the account you just connected.


For other integrations, however, you need to manually add the data sources. But how do you know if there will be an extra step?


In the Integration Manager, find your integration under the section Integrations in use. If there’s a pencil icon next to your account (like for Ahrefs), you need to manually add the data sources you want.


If there’s no pencil icon (like for Perfect Audience), the integration will automatically add the data sources.




3 – Add the data sources


When you click the pencil icon, a panel will appear on the right side of the screen. Enter the required information, and click Add client.


That’s it, you’re done!


Go back to your account, and connect your data sources!

Then? Time to create your first dashboard!


If you want more information on a specific integration, take a look at the integration’s article:




Bing Ads



Campaign Monitor



DoubleClick Campaign Manager

Doubleclick Search

Facebook Ads

Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Insights



Google Adwords

Google Analytics

Google My Business

Google Search Console


Instagram Ads


LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Pages





Perfect Audience







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