Campaign Manager 360 metrics and dimensions


Metric Name Description Calculations (if applicable)
Ad Clicks The number of clicks on an Ad.  
Click Rate The percentage of impressions that result in a user clicking an ad. This is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions, then multiplying the total by 100.  
Click-Through Conversions The total number of conversions that occur in the particular reporting period can be attributed to a click on an ad.  
Click-Through Revenue The total amount of revenue attributed to click-through conversions. Revenue is calculated for Floodlight sales activities.  
Cost (Media Cost)

For each Floodlight activity, the media cost per user activity (conversion), is calculated as the Total Media Cost / Total Floodlight Activities Recorded.


CPC (Cost per Click) The average cost of all clicks.  
Cost per Conversion (Total Conversions) The derived cost for your ad campaign is divided by the number of total conversions.  
Cost per Revenue The cost of your media is divided by the total revenue.  
Impressions The number of impressions.  
Total Conversions The number of times that users took a desired action during the reporting period, after seeing or clicking on an ad.  
Total Conversions Revenue The total revenue for all conversions, including both click-through and view-through conversions.  
View-Through Conversions Conversions that are attributed to an ad that was displayed but not clicked on.  
View-Through Revenue The total amount of revenue attributed to view-through conversions. View-through conversions are those that occur when a customer sees an ad, then completes a conversion on your site without clicking on another ad.  



Dimension Name Description
Campaign  The name of a Campaign
Click Site The site that represents an app or network 
Click Site Placement * (see notes/limitations) The sites where your ads appear 


If you would like to request more metrics and dimensions, please reach out to our Support Team. 


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