Bulk Dashboard Creation and Bulk-Edit Services

We want to help you save time and money by optimizing your reporting process and that’s why we offer Bulk-Edit services.

Through the Bulk-Edit service, our team of technical experts will take the lead in creating, modifying and editing all your clients’ dashboards in bulk form. By requesting a quote, a technical expert will review your needs and get back to you as soon as possible with the best option for your needs. 

What types of Bulk-Edit Services do we offer?

When you have a large number of dashboards, editing and creating them one by one can be an exhaustive task. 

Which is why we’re currently offering two types of services: 

Onboarding and Dashboard Creation Services:

If you want to create dozens or even hundreds of dashboards all at once in DashThis, all you have to do is let us know your reporting needs. Our support team will help you design templates and create all dashboards for you. 

For example, if you’re an agency with multiple clients, you probably use very similar reports and templates for all your clients. With our Bulk-Edit Services, our team of experts will replicate your templates into DashThis and create all dashboards for you.  

Bulk-Edit Dashboard Services:

Our Bulk-Edit service enables us to automatically modify and edit multiple dashboards at once.

A few examples of Bulk-Edit Services available: 

  • Add the same filter across all dashboards,
  • Add a markup across all dashboards,
  • Add a particular section to all dashboards,
  • Modify a widget’s metric across all dashboards,
  • Modify a widget’s data display across all dashboards,
  • Modify all your dashboards’ background images,
  • Modify the content in a static comment box across all dashboards.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll make sure to find the best option available for your reporting needs. After all, what we aim for is to help you report efficiently and effectively. 

How does Bulk-Edit Services work?

1) Define your reporting needs 

 Are you looking into creating multiple dashboards, or modifying certain widgets on all your current dashboards? 

2) Request a quote

Contact your Product Specialist or request a quote here.

3) Review our proposal

Our team will get back to you with the best feasible option for your reporting needs.

4) Enjoy your newly created dashboards

Upon confirmation, our team will begin executing your request. And the rest is all taken care of!

Are Bulk-Edit Services suited for me?

If you’re looking to modify, let’s say 5 dashboards, perhaps the Bulk-Edit service is not suited for your current needs. 

However, if you’re looking into modifying or creating new dashboards for dozens of, or even hundreds of clients, then the Bulk-Edit Service is most likely suited for you. 

Our Bulk-Edit Services may be limited by certain requirements, such as the number of dashboards you wish to modify or create. However, all requests will be processed and followed-up. 

If you think the Bulk-Edit Service is for you, simply request a quote and our team of experts will contact you shortly with the following steps and pricing options available.


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